[360][VR] Hang Gliding (360 degree Virtual Reality) at Flowerdale, Australia

So this is my first attempt at capturing 360 degree Hang Gliding footage. It was filmed on the 16th October 2016 in Flowerdale, Victoria, Australia at a Melbourne Hang Gliding Club (MHGC) site known as ’3 Sisters’.

On this particular day there were a number of MHGC pilots soaring the ridge. My flight lasted just over an hour and was my first time ridge soaring after about 18 months away from the sport. The conditions at take off and for the first 30 mins or so were excellent. However, after that the wind picked up strength considerably and shifted direction such that it was quite difficult to penetrate forward of the hill, so most pilots chose to land.

I’ve found that, with a VR Headset on, this gives a great sense of what it is like to really be flying in a Hang Glider. The view from up there is magnificent and it was particularly cool to have so many pilots all soaring together. There were even a few large wedge tailed eagles showing us how real birds fly. Obviously, it is no replacement for the thrill of gliding in person, but this technology is a huge step forward and a great way to demo our sport to others.

The camera ran out of batteries after the first ~10 mins (my fault for not charging it), so didn’t capture the landing – actually this is lucky as it wasn’t too pretty anyway!

Thanks to my good mate Pete Cass for launching me. You can see his Sting3 on the hill just after take off. Unfortunately, the camera had died before he launched himself and started rotor-washing me! Next time buddy.

Thanks also to my band mates from ’Perpendicular Columns of Rock’ (PCoR) for loaning our 360 camera and for providing the soundtrack to this video. The song is called ’Ginger’, it is from our 2000 album ’Catharsis’. If you like the music, please check out our YouTube channel. We have got a couple of 360 VR music videos on there too:

I hope to film more hang gliding sites with the 360 degree camera in the future, so stay tuned.

If anyone has any feedback or suggestions on how to improve the quality of these 360 vids, please leave a comment and let me know.

Other pics, vids and tunes here: