Behind The Scenes at SEMA 2017: Road Trip, Detailing, Drifting & More! | The Rag Company

The Rag Company 2017 SEMA trip was about as much fun as an exhibiting vendor can have at an expo. This video truly represents our experience, the friends we made, and the bright future ahead.

The road trip to SEMA was a great way to get things started for the team. We arrived in Vegas after several pit-stops, a few podcasts, and some great conversations. The first few days were spent setting up our booth and exploring SEMA behind the scenes. Seeing the setup that goes into the booths, pavilions, and outdoor exhibits was eye-opening. So much work and time goes into regulating the the setup of the expo and how it’s all strategized with the union workers.

Take an idea of what is a ”BIG expo” is to you, and multiply it by 20. SEMA is absolutely massive. When the show started, we were overwhelmed by how many people would walk across the entire expo to see us. We had tons of friends, family, and fans of the company stop by to say hi and take pictures. Our friend Matt Moreman of Obsessed Garage stopped by our booth, as well as joined us with David Patterson (thatdudeinblue) for some Top Golf fun in Las Vegas. But of course there were SO many more amazing people that spent time to talk to us. Anthony was able to test drive the new Kia Stinger and do a 0-60 run, as well as experienced the BMW M3 drift event with Dane. Levi was able to venture to many of the other detailing booths and say hi to all his detailing family. And the list goes on!

Overall we felt we made a huge impact in such a small time and can’t wait until next year for more. We are much more than just a ”towel company.”
Video Recorded by Dane Hennen, Anthony Fisher
Video Edited by Dane Hennen

Video Content provided courtesy of The Rag Company ©2017