Breaking News – Karl Stefanovic masters heights fear, goes bungee jumping

AutoNews- He has publicly acknowledged his fear of heights.And Today co-host Karl Stefanovic has overcome his acrophobia by bungee jumping for the first time during the morning show on Monday.The 43-year-old undertook the activity on location in Cairns, with entertainment reporter and friend Richard ’Dickie’ Wilkins hilariously watching from the sidelines.While the buddy duo initially decided to do the jump together, Dickie pulled out of the adventure at the last minute much to Karl’s dismay.As Karl reached the top of the wooden tower, a young boy ran up to him and asked: ’Are you scared?”Get away from me please, young fella!’ he responded.After being nervously strapped into the bungee, the TV host gingerly moved to the end of the tower, breathing heavily as he moved his feet to the edge in small steps.Triumphantly taking the long jump down with his arms outstretched, Karl was then let out of his harness and walked immediately towards a relaxed and seated Dickie.’I’m not talking to you!’ he exclaimed as Dickie feigned ignorance and asked him: ’Have you done it?’Karl later joked with his co-host Lisa Wilkinson he did the jump 10 times because ’I just fell in love with bungee jumping’.’It was a wonderful effort from everyone involved, the whole team – except for Dickie!’ he declared.’The hardest thing is stepping off the precipice. It’s a perfectly good precipice, why would you want to get off it?’ he added sarcastically.When Lisa asked Karl if he would now recommend the experience, he replied: ’It’s not for everyone [but] it is one of the great feelings of all time.’


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