Felix Jumps At 128k feet! Red Bull Stratos – freefall from the edge of space


Copyright by Red Bull GmbH
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Red Bull Stratos is a mission to the edge of space that will try to surpass human limits that have existed for more than 50 years. Supported by a team of experts, Felix Baumgartner will undertake a stratospheric balloon flight to more than 120,000 feet / 36,576 meters and make a record-breaking freefall jump in the attempt to become the first man to break the speed of sound in freefall (an estimated 690 miles / 1,110 kilometers per hour), while delivering valuable data for medical and scientific advancement.


  1. It has a whole "Apollo " fake feel to it. Do you see earth spinning thousands of miles per hour tho? Check out that straight line in front of Felix,and the fisheye of the other camera. It's all so quiet. I talk on my phone and can barely hear anything. I don't believe anything these folks tell me to believe. Including Red Bull 'drink' (I can only assume the body screams when someone injests that.

  2. Why didnt he catch fire? Because hes not reentering the atmosphere from a 28000km/h orbit,, he just went straight up and came straight down and reached the terminal velocity in the atmosphere, whatever that is.


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