Hardtail Downhill Mountain Biking

In this video my son rides my Hardtail mountain bike on a downhill mountain bike course at Snow Summit in big bear California. He normally rides a full suspension mountain bike, but he wanted to try out my Hardtail mountain bike and see how it does riding fast downhill mountain bike trails. If you ride a Hardtail mountain bike downhill, you feel a lot more bumps than you would on a full suspension bike, but you can still get down the mountain on a Hardtail bicycle and have fun. You just have to go little bit slower and you are more tired at the end of the day.


  1. Back in the Early 60's, a Balloon "Tire Bike"could be converted into a Somewhat Off road Bike . Back then..Uhhhh.. My Dad would say "You are Jumping off curbs again", I have to re-lace your Bicycle wheels Again. I remember putting a larger front wheel on my Bicycle . That thing would slide around like a Dirt bike….. Well only Pedal Power …


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