Mountain Biking with Phil Kmetz in North Carolina – RWS EP13

It’s safe to say that Phil and I are the nerdiest mountain bikers on YouTube, so whenever we’re in each others’ neighborhoods we make it a point to link up. I was in Asheville for the day, and had 6 hours to get to a trail, ride it, and get back to town. Phil was up for it, and met me out there!

Phil’s Raleigh Tokul Video:

Welcome to riding with Seth. Today, we’ll venture into the forest for a morning ride in North Carolina. I was up there for some reasons I can’t discuss right now, and had just Saturday morning to do some riding. Just a few hours in one of the best riding destinations on the East Coast. That’s kind of like torture, but I decided to make it count.

Some of you might recognize this Raleigh Tokul.

Phil and I talked a bit while climbing, but I was wondering how I’d fare against him on the descent. After all, Phil is a professional downhill racer, but on a relatively low end hardtail he was at a disadvantage. All I needed to do was follow his line, right?

So Phill smoked me on the downhill, but that wasn’t surprising. As I’ve preached before, the bike does not make the rider. We started climbing a different route, but this time I’d lead us down.

Any of you guys use the new GoPro app that makes you log in just to use it. End Rant.

In looking at the footage, the trail was obviously to the left.

Maybe I have trouble seeing things from a hiker’s perspective, but sitting in the middle of a steep and narrow section of multi use trail seems like a bad idea. Still we weren’t even close to hitting these hikers. The battle continues.

So much for taking it easy on my shoulder.

Anyway, that’s it for this very short morning ride. I’ll be back up to the Asheville metro area a few more times this winter. Hopefully next time it won’t be so rushed. If you want to know the back story on the bike Phil was riding check the description for links. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time.

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