Razors Shift Inline Skate – REVIEW

These are the Razors Shift skates. They’re the new top of the line skate from Razors and retail for around $300 US. The boot includes an internal heel pad shock absorber like the Razors SL series, the same style you found in the old Salomon skates from the 90’s.

The liner is thick and features the new heel retention system, which helps keep your foot in the back of the boot. They come stock with Ground control Featherlite 3 UFS frames with 64mm wheels with ABEC 9 bearings and anti rockers.

The hallmark feature though is the new Instant Frame Change system. The base is a two part system, the soul and the slider. By pressing the two IFC buttons, you can remove the slider and then the soul plate.

Because the frames mount to the soul plate using UFS, this means you can get another set of soul plates and change your frames without having to get to the UFS bolts. Extra soul plates run around $40 for the set. It also means that as you wear down the soul plate from grinding, you can easily replace the sliders, which run around $20 a set.