Roadie Sandbags A Mountain Bike Race (RACEDAY Cycling Vlog)

A cat 2 road cyclist Sandbags a mountain bike race in California. But look, I often get destroyed on the road, I am never really that competitive so I am not confident in my fitness.

So I signed up as an A (expert), which I am most definitely not an expert in Mountain biking, but with the quality of the field, thats where I best fit in. I explain in the video why I made the switch to the b class and became a POS sandbagger.

Dont sandbag, its not cool, I really should have just stayed in the A’s. Next time bro….Next time.

Now this part is for SEO, I ride mountain bikes in the video about bicycles and vlog my day at the Spingville Fat Tire Classic.

Main music by Andrew Applepie

Race beat by Chuki Beats.

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